What is Az SMART?

Az SMART is a unique educational tool that crosses silos of issues to seamlessly produce an integrated macro-view of the impact of new utility-scale generation solar installations from a siting, environmental and economic perspective with a transmission overview.

Primarily targeted at solar developers, policy planners, government agencies and utility companies, Az SMART examines multiple solar installation scenarios, considering key inputs such as demand profiles, PV efficiency levels, transmission investment, costs and incentives, to provide real-world solar development results.

The current  goals of Az SMART are to:

  • Develop a comprehensive utility-scale analysis tool, tailored to the examination of a successful solar integration strategy in Arizona, which draws from a series of scenarios supplied by the state’s utilities to produce an annual macro overview of the siting, environmental and economic impact of new solar installations during a typical year.
  • Develop a web-based, portable version of the utility-scale tool.
  • Publish a series of white papers and reports, to describe the data and assumptions underpinning the tool.

The focus to date has been upon the development of a utility-scale tool.

In Year 3, Az SMART will now use utility scenarios to evaluate the potential location and size of solar deployment in the Yuma – Gila Bend - Harquahala corridor, taking into consideration current generation needs, land use potential, environmental concerns, transmission build look-out, permitting, the solar development pipeline, technology and economic impact.